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French classes in Marseille : You want to come to France for studying ?

You want to come to France for studying ?

You want to come to France for studying ?

Either you want to study French in France or your major in a Grande Ecole or in a French university, we are here to help you with your project.


What do you need ?


First, you have to check if you need a visa and if so what kind.

If you need one, you have to apply for it in your home country.

You usually need a letter of acceptance from a French school. As our school is officially recognized as an higher education institution in France, we can help you with this.

The process can take from 2 weeks to 6 weeks


Can you get a scholarship?


It depends on your situation (kind of study, financial situation…).

You can ask for a scholarship from the government of your country or from your local Campus France office. They will give you information about the possible scholarships from the French government.


Cost of studies ?


The cost can be very diverse from one institution to another.

The French university, as a public institution, is usually less costly than private schools.

It goes from a few hundreds euros a year to a few thousands.

If it very important for you to check that out before choosing your school.

Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that you can also do internships in France and get paid for your work. It is a good way for you to finance your study.


Should you have any questions or concern about these subjects, do not hesitate to contact us as we are here to help you in your project to study in France.