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French classes in Marseille : What is the “Student VLS-TS” visa ?

What is the “Student VLS-TS” visa ?

What is the “Student VLS-TS” visa ?

What can you do with the Student long stay Visa?


With this visa you can stay in France for studying for four months to one year for studies in universities, private school, conservatories… It allows you to travel in all of the countries of the Schengen area. The visa gives you also the right to work 964 hours a year or 20 hours a week in order to help financing your studies.


What to do once you've arrived in Marseille in France?


Within the three months following your arrival in France you have to go through the OFFI (Office français de l’immigration et de l’intégration) process in order to validate your visa.


-          You have to get the OFFI attestation form, you can download it on their website, fill it up and send it through regular mail.

-          Join to this mail the copy of your passport showing your identity and the page with the stamp of your arrival in France or in any Schengen countries.


After this first step, OFFI will send you an attestation of receipt and will summon you in order to validate your long stay visa.

You will have to go to the OFFI office, 61 boulevard Rabateau 13008 Marseille, and provide the following documents:

-          Your passport and visa

-          Proof of residence in France

-          An ID photo

-          A 60 euros fiscal stamps

-          And sometimes, a medical checkup


At the end of this process, your visa will be validated and you will be officially legal on the French territory.


Important ! If you do not to the procedure within the three months, your visa will expire and you will have to go back to our home country to ask for a new visa.


What do to after the expiration of your long stay visa?


At the end of the first year, you can ask for a resident permit. This permit can be a multiple-year residency permit.

The length of validity will depend on the program of study your are enrolled in.


For example, if you still have 2 years of studies for your bachelor’s degree, your resident permit will be valid for two years, until your get your degree.


Which documents do you need for your resident permit?

-          The proof of your enrollment in a French public or private institute of higher education (examinations, nature of your studies, attendance sheets,…)

-          Show that you have at least an income of 615 euros a month


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