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French classes in Marseille : What is the “Internship VLS-TS” visa ?

What is the “Internship VLS-TS” visa ?

What is the “Internship VLS-TS” visa ?

You’ve always dreamed to do your internship in France?


You want to enjoy the dynamism of the 2nd largest city in France, Marseille?


If you found an internship which lasts more than three months, this is the French visa you need.


Otherwise, you can simply ask for the short stay visa.


Note that if you are a citizen from one of the 41 countries concerned by “studying in France” procedure, you have to follow the process and add the documents mentioned below.


What can you do with the “Internship VLS-TS” Visa?


This visa allows you to do your internship in a French company for four to 12 months. It has to be part of a professional training.  


Which specific documents do you need for asking this visa?


-          Your passport

-          A three party internship agreement signed by you, the training institute in your home country and your future employer in France

-          Proof of financial resources

-          Proof of a home or residency in France



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