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French classes in Marseille : Visa requirements to study in France

Visa requirements to study in France

Visa requirements to study in France

You want to study in France? You want to improve your French in a great language school?


You will find in this article all the information you need to know about the visa process.

International school of Marseille can help you in your visa process for studying in France.


Join us in the beautiful city of Marseille and learn French.


First, you have to check if you really need a visa.






In order to come to France for studying the French government ask you for a visa.


There are different types of visas:

-          Short stay visa


If you want to stay less than 90 days, you may not need one!

There is a list of 90 countries of which the citizens are exempted. Here you can find the list http://www.studying-in-france.org/visa-and-entry-requirements/


This short stay visa allows you to enter and remain in the Schengen area for maximum three months.

With this visa you are not allowed to work but you can study and do a short internship.


This kind of visa is renewable but you have to wait for six month outside of Schengen area before asking for a new one. 


-          The long stay visas


o   The “Student VLS-TS”  or "VLT-TS Etudiant" for the bachelor’s and Master’s levels

o   The “Talent passport visa VLS-TS" or "Passeport-Talent" for PhD and Beyond

o   The “Internship VLS-TS” or "stagiare VLS-TS" -> You have to be enrolled in a school/university in your home country


If you are from the 41 countries concerned by the “Studying in France” procedure, the students need to follow a specific application process.

You can get some help from the Campus France office in your country. This is the French agency for higher studies in France.


The process:

1. First you need to ask us for your Admission letter in one of our programs

2. After receiving the Admission letter from our school in France, you should register in which you find on the website of Campus France

3. In Etudes en France, submit all documents required and complete the form for the long-stay Student Visa (VLS-TS)

-          Copy of your Passport

-          The proof of your study background (copy of your last degree, examination,…)

-          The admission letter from France

-          Housing certificate

4. Pay for the process fee online for Campus France

5. Go through the Campus France interview (not always needed)

6. After receiving the final validation from Etudes en France, you should start your visa application on the website of TLScontact within 4 working days

7. Create a new account on TLScontact website to start another process

8. After activating the link in personal email, login to fill in and complete the form on line.

9. Check and well prepare the list of documents required

-          Same as "Etudes en France" + Insurance policy + financial situation

10. Take appointment online to submit documents

11. Print the confirmation letter for the appointment

12. Be patient for one or two weeks for the visa result


Depending on the period, this process can take from 4 to 12 weeks. Planning all the steps in advance will ease the procedure and make sure you can overcome potential difficulties without creating any delay.


Should you have any concern or questions do not hesitate to contact our team for more information or any help. 


We are looking forward to welcoming you !