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French classes in Marseille : TCF Test Center in Marseille—EIM

TCF Test Center in Marseille—EIM

TCF Center Marseille

TCF Test Center in Marseille—EIM


Ecole Internationale de Marseille is the authorized TCF test center approved by CIEP in Marseille, France. Our test center is located in the city center of Marseille, near Vieux Port.


What is TCF?

TCF—Test de Connaissance du Français. TCF is a French test designed and organized by le Centre international d’études pédagogiques (CIEP) to test candidates’ French proficiency. This test focuses on assessing candidates' command of French knowledge including oral and written comprehension. 


For different purposes, please choose different TCF exams:

TCF tout public: Candidates take TCF for academic or professional reasons.

TCF ANF (for acquiring French nationality): Candidates wish to obtain French nationality.

TCF Québec: Candidates wish to begin permanent immigration procedures and settle down in Quebec.

How is the test structured?

Test papers of TCF are composed of two parts: compulsory exam and optional exam. 


The compulsory part will test candidates' listening skills (29 questions, 25 min), proficiency in language structures(18 questions, 15 min) and reading comprehension(29 questions, 45 min).

The optional part includes speaking test (12min) and writing test(60min). 


Why take the test?


Professionally, TCF will be an objective certificate to help candidates get recruited or promoted in a French organization or company.


Academically, TCF is an official cerficate of candidates' French proficiency which helps them get admitted to a higher learning institutions in France (universities, colleges, art schools, architecture schools, business schools, etc.)

How to prepare for the test?

In order to help students better prepare for TCF, EIM has TCF preparation courses one week before the test.


If you want to register for TCF, please come to visit our school at 32 La Canebière 13001 Marseille.


For more information, please contact us: