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French classes in Marseille : TCF at Marseille French School, France

TCF at Marseille French School, France

TCF at Marseille French School, France

TCF at Marseille French School, France


You wish to take the TCF in Marseille because you need it to evaluate your level of French to enter French universities or French business schools or to access French nationality or even to go migrate to Canada in which case you will need to take the TCF Quebec? Contact Marseille International French school at EIMarseille.com


At EIMarseille, our team of French experienced teachers will get you prepared to pass the TCF exam. Therefore, you will know exactly what to expect and what this TCF exam in Marseille is all about. Nothing better than professionals to prepare for TCF in Marseille.


At Marseille French School, we organise a TCF session once a month but be carefull, you will need to be registered one month prior to taking the TCF.


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You can also follow a French course to prepare for DELF and DALF exams.



But why not follow a year long cheap French class program in Marseille?

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So do not wait any longer and quickly contact our administrative team at Marseille International French School, 32 la Canebiere 13001 Marseille France +33 960 411 335


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