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French classes in Marseille : Preparing for university learn French in Marseille France

Preparing for university learn French in Marseille France

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The Ecole Internationale de Marseille (Marseilles International French School) – EIM –  specialises in guiding foreign students

towards academicsuccess through its high quality French language programmes.


Aware of the various issues a foreign student may face when studying abroad, Marseille French School is here to offer specific programmes

designed to develop and enhance their linguistic capabilities. In addition to providing the necessary language tools needed to succeed

academically, we also reinforce their knowledge of French and European culture and higher education in order to enable students to enrol

in top French universities and academic institutes.


EIM delivers preparatory university courses in Marseille which are tailored to your ambitions and linguistic abilities thanks to our

professional staff who are trained and certified in the use of efficient teaching methods. 


Whatever the programme duration you may choose, from a month to a whole year, Marseille French School offers you a personalised course

which includes elevant preparatory modules and is adapted to your needs, availability and budget

Programme objectives

Enhance your command of the French language
Understand the dynamics of French universities and institutes of higher education
Familiarise you with French academic processes and methods
Programme details

Acquiring fundamentals and improving French language skills: an essential part of the curriculum for all participating students. This module enables you to move on to the next stages of your academic preparation.
It delivers courses in linguistics, grammar, pronunciation, along with exercises and role plays specifically designed to habituate you to everyday life and academic interactions.
Alongside this module, an intensive French language course is also offered, permitting you to boost your progress in an exponential manner.

Cross-culture: discovering French and European culture. This module facilitates your integration through cultural exchanges.

Administrative procedures of selected courses and institutes: discovering the academic institute, preparing for administrative procedures and enrolment.

EIMarseille Methods and techniques adapted to French universities:

Attending and understanding lectures

Making lecture notes

Reading academic text books

Preparing for written and oral exams

Creating various documents (synthesis, dissertations, reports, theses)

Communicating verbally: daily exchanges and presentation skills

In order to evaluate students' progress, entrance, mid-course and final evaluations will be organised during your preparatory course.
Thanks to EIM's foundation courses, students gain access to prestigious French universities and institutes of higher education, leading to international success and achievement.

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