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French classes in Marseille : Marseille Intensive French Classes in summer

Marseille Intensive French Classes in summer

Marseille Intensive French Classes in summer


Marseille Intensive French Classes in summer


Where to learn French this summer?

Come and visit Marseille French Language School!


In the south of France, with the most beautiful beaches and breath-taking lavender field, Marseille French Language School welcomes you to our specially-designed French lessons and cross-culture programs.



The intensive French summer class will last for two weeks, beginning from the 18th of July and ends on the 29th of July. The other session begins from the 1st of August and ends on the 12th of August. The summer program of French classes are specially tailored for the international students who would like to come to France during the summer time to help them improve French level and experience French culture. Or for students who will start their study in French universities, we have Intensive French lessons of University Prep. Through these courses, university students will get a general idea of the European culture, French lifestyle, administration system and the education system. All the French knowledge will get students better used to the French way of living and French teaching style.



Marseille French Language Center have the best French teachers who have numerous years of teaching French as a foreign language. Besides, they have developed their own way of teaching which will help students to improve French in a short time. And we have expert reception team to help students with accommodations in Marseille. We will try out best to provide the best service to our students in order to get them devoted to learning French.



Every morning from 9 to 12, students will gather in the French Language Center at EIM in the center of Marseille. The perfect location will get students immersed in the French atmosphere and get students totally exposed to the French way of living. During the classes, young but professional French teachers will plan various activities for students to practice French grammar, French pronunciation and intonation, and improve their French reading and writing skills as well. Students will have many opportunities to practice speaking French with natives and students from all over the world. They will perfect their French step by step with the help of the French professors at EIM.


EIM also plans an array of cultural activities in the afternoon for experiencing French nature and culture under the guidance of our French teachers. They will not only learn French in the French class, but also put what they have learned in class into use by practicing speaking French in the cultural tours organized by EIM. Students will go on cultural tours: museums, cultural relics, concerts, French companies, natural parks, beaches, lavender and sunflower fields and so on.


They will not only fall in love with Marseille International French School, they will love learning French, speaking French and living in France!



Do not hesitate and come to visit our French Language Institute in Marseille: école international de Marseille, 32 La Canebiere, 13001 Marseille.



If want to register for our summer intensive French lessons or other French programs, feel free to contact us: contact@eimarseille.com



We are looking forward to your visit this summer! Merci età bientôt !