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French classes in Marseille : Marseille French School to learn French

Marseille French School to learn French

Marseille French school learn french

Marseille French School to learn French


You must have dreamed of coming to France to experience its romance and magnificence. You must have thought of taking a sip of

coffee in the lavender field in the Provence Region. You must have hoped to pick up a new language in a place far from your

hometown. Now, located in the south of France, Marseille International French School will provide you with the opportunity to experience

France and its culture, language, history in a comprehensive manner. 


The French language school has had more than ten years' experience in French teaching and numbers of students have been admitted

to renowned French universites after studying French here. The French classes here help them lay a solid foundation for their language

skills, ensuring that they will easily understand their professors in the university classes. We are very pleased to see that the students of

Marseille International School enjoy their life in French universities or in their workplace. 


In our French classes delivered by professional and certified French teachers, you will have the opportunity to improve your French

pronunciation, widen your French vocabulary and enhance your French writing skills. Besides, our French teachers will organize various

in-class activities to help you get immersed in a French atmosphere and motivate you to communicate in French.


Sharing and communicating are the best ways to learn a new language. In our school, students can exchange notes and share their own

culture and experience with peers from all over the world. We are very pleased that they are open-minded and generous to others with

different cultural backgrounds.


If you are interested in our French classes in Marseille Provence or cross culture programs, please contact us:



You can find more information on the Website of Marseille International School.