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French classes in Marseille : Learn french marseille Provence

Learn french marseille Provence

Marseille French school learn French in Provence

French intensive class in Marseille from 30/05/16 to 17/06/2016 


Marseille International French school is glad to open an intensive French class in Marseille, France from 30/05/16 to 17/06/2016.

This is the best time ever to explore the south of France. The lavender, the sunflower, the vineyard, the sunshine, the mountains...all the

beautiful scenes will surprise you by their magnificance and passion. Marseille-Provence is waiting for you to explore more of it. 


Schedule of the programme:


Every morning from 9 to 12a.m.

In the French classes, our professional French teachers will help you to practise your French grammar and extend your French vocabulary and typical expressions. Our dedicated and professional French teachers are very pleased to work with you on your weaknesses in French learning and on getting you beautiful French accent.



Every afternoon from 2 to 4.30p.m.

We provide you with various Cross-culture activities.Here, you will be able to explore the ancient French city Marseille and its beautiful scenery around while speaking French and being guided by professional French tour guides!



EIMarseille reserves the right to reverse morning and afternoon programmes depending on weather conditions. Here down south France, it can get really hot in the summer and our Marseille French International School director will then ask his staff to teach French in the afternoons while the mornings will be dedicated to cross-cultural tours.



Marseille International French School is located on 32 la Canebiere 13001 Marseille France +33 960 411 335


If you are interested in learning French and explore its culture, please contact us here:



Come and learn French together with the best team ever!