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French classes in Marseille : Learn French in France

Learn French in France

Learn French in France

Learn French in France 

Study French in France is the best way to learn French. As per the article of Campus France, being in a French school in France or in a French language center in France will increase your chance to better your level.

The students of Marseille International French school in France quickly rise from an A1 level to a B1 level in no time. Ususally 2 months with this program:


Our school specializise in teaching French as a foreign language and our experienced diplomed teachers will make sure you not only progress in French but also understand the French and Européan culture, geography and politics.


To find more information about you learning French in France at Marseille International French School located on 32 la Canebiere, 13001 Marseille France, contact us at www.uk.marseille.com


We also have cross culture afternoons in order to better understande French people and civilisations.

clikc here: http://uk.eimarseille.com/uk-cross-culture-1.html