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French classes in Marseille : Learn French in a host family Marseille

Learn French in a host family Marseille

Learn French in a host family Marseille

Learn French in a host family Marseille



Why live in a host family?


Living in a host family in Marseille will immerse you in the European culture and French lifestyle for 24 hours a day. This allows you to talk in French regularly and helps you to improve your French level while experiencing a new culture in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.


Marseille French language school has chosen several host families for our students. They are warm-hearted, considerate local people who have lived in Marseille for a very long time. They will give you suggestions about what to do and where to go in your spare time. Besides, they are hospitable to students from all over the world and would like to communicate with people from different cultures. This is not only an effective way to improve your French, but also the best way to learn French culture and lifestyle.


How to register a host family in Marseille?


After you register the French classes in Marseille International French School, we will get you accommodated in a host family that matches your personality and hobbies. So after the registration of the courses, you have to provide us with detailed personal information about you. We know it is difficult to find you a host family that matches your need, but our service team will try their best to help you and satisfy your need.




If you have enreolled in one of our French program in Marseille International French School for language, we could assist you should you want to live in a hosting French family.


Do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff in order to fill up the necessary paper work.


Once done, we will ask the different French families whom we work with if they have room.


We have several possibilities for you to find an accomodation here in Marseille, France.


Depending on the amount of time you will stay at EIMarseille, we will recommand you the best suitable solution.