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French classes in Marseille : Learn French by culture immersion in Marseille, Provence

Learn French by culture immersion in Marseille, Provence

study French Marseille

Learn French by culture immersion in Marseille, Provence


Many language experts have said that the best way to learn a language is to be immersed in that culture and live there. Marseille French Language School located in the old quarter of Marseille dated back to 2000 years ago has offered a wide array of cultural programs to get students immersed in the French culture and lifestyle. More importantly, students will effectively improve their French level when they are intrigued by the checkered history and brilliant culture.



Learning French is not as difficult as you imagine. With the help of certified and experienced French teachers at Marseille French Language Center, you will be able to feel the beauty of French language and the brilliance of French culture. Gradually, you have got used to the French pronunciation and get a general picture of French grammar. While talking with others, you will find it natural to speak French, even though it is not as perfect as the natives. But you have made great progress in French learning and the sense of fulfillment will drive you to work harder to perfect your French, accent as well as grammar.





After three weeks study of French at EIMarseille, you will be able to speak daily French from a totally beginner. You can tell the sales assistant what you want in the supermarkets or local shops, you can ask them the price of the goods, and express your gratitude and greetings. Besides, you will be able to take the public transportation on your own because you will know how to buy a ticket and read the map in French. More surprisingly, you will be able to write short passages or letters to tell others what you did at weekends or during last summer vacation. Sharing with others about your personal experience is a good way to make friends, isn’t it?



Remember, there is no shortcut to mastering a foreign language. If you want to get admitted by a French university, you have to achieve the level of C1. In order to achieve that goal, it takes at least three months! During those days, you should have intensive French classes and practice reading and writing after class. Besides, you should be brave enough to try to communicate with the native speakers even though sometimes they talk really fast. But they will forgive you because they will understand that you are a foreigner.



In Marseille French Language Center, you will have the opportunity to get immersed in the French language. All of our teachers and administrative staff will talk to you in French and you are forced to practice French and think in a French way every minute.



Here, you can also enjoy various cultural activities organized by our French Language Center in Marseille. You can visit museums and art galleries, explore the palaces and castles, go hiking in the national park of Calanques, ride a horse in the suburb of Marseille, learn French cuisine in the workshops or back stages of restaurants, etc. A lot more interesting cultural activities are waiting for you to explore! Here, you will meet friends from all over the world and you will get to know the customs and traditions across the globe.



Our school will surely find the best way for you to learn French and help you perfect your French in a short time!


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