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French classes in Marseille : Learn French as you visit Mucem in Marseille

Learn French as you visit Mucem in Marseille

French class cultural tours Marseille Provence

Learn French as you visit Mucem in Marseille


As a part of our Cross-Culture program, students from Marseille International French School met up for a tour of Mucem in Marseille.


After learning French at our school at 32 Canebière, 13001 Marseille in the morning, they enjoyed an afternoon of cross culture, whose theme was on the civilizations featured at the very popular and now renowned Mucem located near Vieux Port Marseille.


Antoine, one of our French teachers, planned for this visit by giving our French students a cross culture class on the history and geography of Algeria.


Inside Mucem, there was a temporary exhibition called "Made in Algeria - the Genealogy of a Territory".


The students took turns on the microphone while the rest of the group listened in with headphones.


It all made for a very discreet and effective guided tour during our cross culture French outing.



So, what was the result?!


Each student courageously took the microphone and spoke in French on what he or she saw and the reactions each work of art gave rise to.


Our group is made up of university students and young professionals who wish to improve their French. So, we suggested that they sign up for our French curriculum:




Registration for our Cross-Culture program can be done all through the year !


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