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French classes in Marseille : Interview at Marseille International French School

Interview at Marseille International French School

Marseille French language center interview

Here you can see and hear an interview conducted by Farid TARI, Marseille International French School director.

On this occasion, he invited Yafeng CUI, a chinese student learning French at EIM on 32 la Canebiere 13001 Marseille France +33 960 411 335.


Farid and Yafeng exchanged diverse view points on being a student in Marseille. Yafeng said that at the beginning it was difficult because he is from China and was not used to studying in Marseille, France. He didn't have a good level of French and was barely a A1 when he arrived. But after 9 months studying French at Marseille International French School, Yafeng is now a B2.


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