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French classes in Marseille : Intensive French Courses in the South of France

Intensive French Courses in the South of France

intensive French class south of France

Intensive French Courses in the South of France


The best choice you make in your life – to study French in the South of France!


You can have intensive French courses in the south of France to improve your French level. The South of France is famous for its beautiful scenery and outgoing people. Not like Parisians, people in the southern part of France will amaze you with their hospitality and openness. On the street, the local people will smile to you, say bonjour to you and some even stop you and talk to you. Besides, unlike the north of France, here in the south, you will enjoy the sunshine 300 days a year and it will never be too cold in winter. That is, you can go out for sports all year around. This is the privilege you can only enjoy in the south of France. The beaches in Nice, Marseille and Cannes are one of the best in the world, attracting millions of tourists every month. During the summer time, people will flock into this area to enjoy their holiday time with their family or friends. You will leave all your pressure and unhappiness behind. Instead, all you feel here is the brilliance of nature and the relaxing atmosphere.


Marseille French Language School provides you with various French courses according to your level. Before you register, it is required to take the Placement French Test in order to put you in the class that best suits you level. And then you will have the intensive French class given by our experienced and certified French professors. Normally the class begins at the first week of every month and will last for 3 weeks. During the class, you will be tested weekly in order to keep track of your progress. In the intensive French class in the south of France, you will widen your French vocabulary, enhance your reading and writing skills, and improve your fluency of French speaking. Your French will be ameliorated little by little with the help of our professional French teachers and caring administrative staff. 

The South of France is the most beautiful part of France and you cannot miss the amazing landscape here. It is the best place for you to learn French and experience French culture and lifestyle.


The calendar of Intensive French courses at EIM in the South of France:

1 August -- 21 August 2016  

5 September -- 25 September 2016

3 October -- 23 October 2016

7 November -- 27 November 2016

5 December – 25 December2016

You can find more information about our Intensive French course and other French courses on our website: http://uk.eimarseille.com/


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Come and join us in the French journey in the South of France!