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French classes in Marseille : French summer camp Provence France

French summer camp Provence France

French Summer Camp Marseille Provence French class

French summer camp Provence France


In June or July, the sunflowers and lavender will be in full blossom around the area of Provence in the south of France. 


At the best time of the year, Marseille French School (Ecole Internationale de Marseille) will organize a French Summer Camp for

those whohave great interest in French Language and French lifestyle in the South of France, especially in Marseille Provence.


During the French Summer Camp in Marseille, students will have French classes in the morning to improve their French level. Our

professional French teachers will be dedicated to engaging students in the interesting French classes where students can practise their

French communication skills and widen their French vocabulary.


In the afternoon, cross-cultural tours and activities will be organized and our French teachers will act as tour guide and take students to

the museums around Marseille and Provence, the castles and ancient quarters in the neighbourhood, and even the Calanques

National Park in Lumminy. Besides, students will have the opportunity to go with peers from all over the world and visit renowned French

Universities, such as Aix-Marseille University Lumminy Campus, KEDGE Business School Marseille Campus, etc. There, students will

get a clear perspective of what the French higher education look like.


If you are interested in Marseille International French School located in the center of Marseille, on 32 la Canebiere, 13001 Marseille, please feel

free to contac us!


Our email address is: contact@eimarseille.com


You can also visist our website: www.eimarseille.com and the Chinese version: www.eimarseille.cn