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French classes in Marseille : french school to study french marseille france

french school to study french marseille france

french school to study french marseille france

French school to study French Marseille France


In Marseille International French School, we will be able to choose from several programs in order to learn French in Marseille France.


One of them is our French university prep program, please click below:


That's one of the best program to improve quickly.


Another one is our combined French course in Marseille France:


tha's one of the program that will make you understand French and Eurpean culture.


And if you are alreday in Marseille then you can take private French lesson here:


our one on one French class will get you from an A1 French level to a B2 French level in no time!


So do not hesitate any longer and contact us at EIMarseille, 32 la Canebiere, 13001 Marseille, France

+33 960 411 335


One of our dedicated team will answer all of your questions such as levels, groups, programs and accomodations while staying and studying at Marseille International French School in France.