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French classes in Marseille : French lessons in Marseille

French lessons in Marseille

French courses in Marseille

You do not speak French yet ?


You want to improve your French ?


Marseille International School organizes for you French lessons all through the year.


Options for all and for all budget !


Private French class

One to one class based on your needs and availabilities

10 hours of private lessons for 380€ + 20€ registration fees


Bi-weekly French class*

2 X  2-hour class a week

15 sessions of immersion in a French speaking context for 350€ + 20€ registration fees


Intensive French classes*

3-hour-class a day, 5 days a week


15h classes / 1 week : 180€ + 20€ registration fees

30h classes / 2 weeks: 350€ + 20€ registration fees

45h classes / 3 weeks: 490€ + 20€ registration fees


Au Pair French class*

100 hours over three months

2 X 2-hour class a week

3 x 2-hour tutorials a week (classrooms provided)

470€ + 20€ registration fees


*Provided that we have a minimum of 3 registered students to poen the class


Why would you take French lessons in Marseille International school?

It’s in small groups of 4 to 8 people that you will learn how to speak French for beginners and perfect your French for intermediary levels learners.

Diverse methods are used to enrich your vocabulary and master the French grammar and conjugaison.


Who are the teachers in Marseille International school?

All of our teachers have a long experience in teaching their mother tongue.

Like ambassadors, they will make you love French culture!


Where is Marseille International School?

The school is located in the historical center of Marseille, 2 minutes away from the Vieux Port (Old Port).


How can I register to the French classes in Marseille?

You just have to contact the International school team in order to take our free and without obligation French placement test. 


We are looking forward to welcoming you !