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French classes in Marseille : French Language Center in Marseille, Provence

French Language Center in Marseille, Provence

French Language Center in Marseille, Provence

French Language Center in Marseille, Provence


How can you improve your French level?

  1.        Come to Marseille France or any other French-speaking countries and start learning French.
  2.        Get yourself entirely immersed in French language and culture.
  3.        Live in a host family and practice speaking French with your roommates and neighbors, even the shop assistants in the supermarkets.
  4.        Register French classes delivered by professional French teachers.
  5.        Improve your grammar with textbooks that suit your level.


Where can you find the best French courses that match your level?

Marseille International French School (EIM) is one of the best language schools all over France. In the French Language Center located in the center of Marseille, the capital city of Aix-Provence. Our school has been dedicated to teaching French for over 10 years and we have sent thousands of students to renowned French universities or Business Schools through our University Prep. Courses. All the students who have studied in our school speak highly of our professional teachers, warm-hearted reception team and our friendly learning environment.


What are the advantages of the French Language Center in Marseille? EIMARSEILLE or Marseille International French School

  1.        The talented team of certified and qualified French teachers.
  2.        Specially designed French courses that match students of different levels.
  3.        French language tests based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CECR).
  4.        Cross-cultural programs that allow student to get immersed in the French language and culture.
  5.        Immersive language learning combined with cultural activities and career preparation. 
  6.        Best learning environment in the Region of Provence.
  7.        Certified French Language Center in the South of France.


How can you contact Marseille International French School? EIMARSEILLE

l  Write to us by mail: 32 la Canebière 13001 Marseille

l  Send us an email: contact@eimarseille.com

l  Call us: +33 9 60 41 13 35

l  Or you can come to our school and visit us directly, and you are more than welcome!