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French classes in Marseille : French Courses in Marseille France

French Courses in Marseille France

French Culture and French speaking in France

Are you a student or expatriate non native French speaker searching for a programme to learn or enhance your French level?
The Ecole Internationale de Marseille Marseilles International School – EIM – offers intensive French training modules that enable our students to quickly and efficiently acquire a level of proficiency in French conversation and speaking French that allows them to enrol in prestigious schools and universities.
After completing an evaluation test to determine your level of proficiency, you will be assigned to a FFL (French as a Foreign Language) study group whose level is comparable to yours, determined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR).
Whatever your objectives may be, acquiring basic language skills or advanced proficiency, and the amount of time you wish to study (15 hours per week for one, two, three months or an entire year), EIM offers you specifically tailored programmes adapted to your academic or professional goals

Course contents

EIMarseille - Written expression and production: analysis, acquisition and enhancement of general, everyday life and academic vocabulary
Marseille International School - Writing workshops: developing ease in writing skills, enhancing French syntax
International School of Marseille - Phonetics workshops: focusing on pronunciation and syllable isolation, linguistics exercises and correcting phonetic imperfections
 learn French Grammar in Marseille: learning, revising and mastering fundamental grammar and conjugation
Practical everyday language skills: acquiring, developing and putting into practice general, everyday and academic vocabulary by simulating various situations and engaging in role plays
French and European cultures and civilisations program at Marseille International School: engaging within a multicultural professional and academic environment

This programme is built by EIMarseille on specific teaching methods that allow our students to gain theoretical knowledge which is then put into practical application. Indeed, in addition to the theoretical contents delivered during our courses, numerous practical exercises are implemented: role plays, simulating professional and academic scenarios, practising telephone skills, producing audio and video recordings, etc.
Once your course has been completed, a certificate is then delivered indicating the undertaken course, its duration and the level of French language proficiency achieved according to the CEFR.
If you require an official diploma, you may take, within our institution, one or several of the following exams: TCF, DELF, DALF (French) or TOEIC (English). Additional information can be found on our Preparing for exams web-page.