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French classes in Marseille : French class and cross culture in Marseille Provence, France

French class and cross culture in Marseille Provence, France

Cross culture French class in Marseille Provence, France

Cross culture French courses in Marseille Provence, France


Surrounded by massive mountains, lavender fields and sunflower farms, Marseille Provence has always boasted its breathtaking scenery and splendid culture. You will find regional museums, specially designed parks, market stalls, street artists and other cultural elements easily in this region. The history and culture in Marseille Provence makes it the best place to learn French language and its culture. Besides, the artistic and romantic atmosphere here makes it possible for you to live a traditional French lifestyle. Believe me, you will lose yourself in the beauty around the neighbourhood. 



Marseille International French School is located in the city centre of Marseille, just near the Old Port of Marseille. Most historical and cultural sites can be easily accessible from our school. Besides, we have been dedicated to French teaching for more than 10 years and we are more than pleased to welcome students from all over the world. We will provide you with the best certified French teachers from France and the most helpful reception team to serve you here in Marseille. We hope you can totally devote yourself to the French lifestyle while improving your French language skills.



As long as you register for our Cross Culture Programs, you will be amazed by our interesting cultural tours and effective modes of teaching. We perfectly combine language learning with cultural activities in the hope of improving you French level as well as getting you immersed in the French way of living.



In the mornings from 9 to 12, you will attend French lectures delivered by our professional French teachers or managers from French companies. In the class, you can extend your French vocabulary, practise French grammar, sharpen your listening and reading skills, and even have a good knowledge of how to work in a French company.  


In the afternoons from 2 to 4, you will have the opportunity to take part in the cultural activities carefully planned by us to fully explore the city of Marseille and places nearby. Our special cultural tours include: visiting museums in Marseille, lavender and sunflower field trip to Aix-en-Provence, hiking in Calanques National Park, exploring the Castle of Fort Saint-Jean, cooking French food, etc. During the weekends, we may even take students to the local markets to experience the French lifestyle


If you are interested in French language and culture, and want to explore French lifestyle, contact us and we will help you settle everything


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