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French classes in Marseille : France learn French

France learn French

France learn French

You want to learn French in France?


you want to live like a French person? speak fluently French? so why not come to Marseille and enjoy our way of life.


Marseille International French School is one of the reknowned French institute to study French in France.


Several of our French teachers are experts in French communication while others are experts in written skills. You will therefore learn how to speak a very good French (French level B1) but also you can work on your writng in French (French A2 level).


Students need a very good command in both of those french skills should they want to enter an university or follow a Business school program.

Do not hesitate to check our program which is totally dedicated to studying French in France:



Our super nice team is ready to welcome you at our French school 32 la canebiere 13001 Marseille France

and you can contact us at +33 960 411 335 


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