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French classes in Marseille : Exam Prep French Class in Marseille France

Exam Prep French Class in Marseille France

French Test lessons Marseille

Class Overview

80€ for one week

(+20€ registration Fees)


-One-week's cram course just before your exam

- A total of 8 hours of training

- Instructional prep. materials provided

- Past test papers and model answers

- Analysis of past test papers and skills taught

- French exams: TCF

- Small groups (4 to 8 students per class)*

- 1.5 hours every day, from 18h30 to 20h

- Accessible to students of all levels

- French Placement Test required before registration

Would you like to prove your French or English skills by acquiring an official certificate?

Would you like to prepare for such an exam so you can give it your best shot?

Our Exam Prep Training Course is exactly what you need!


Come get settled at Ecole Internationale de Marseille, located at 32 la Canebière, at the heart of Marseille - the Vieux Port! Our staff and faculty will welcome you and give you the support you need to learn French in a studious but friendly environment.


Our prep courses for various exams:



The DELF and DALF are official diplomas, valid for life, issued by the French Ministry of National Education that certify French language skills of foreigners or French nationals from a non-French speaking country, or those who do not have a degree from a French institution of higher education.

The DELF consists of two separate diplomas that correspond to the four different levels of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.








The DALF consists of two separate diplomas that correspond to the two different levels of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.






These 6 diplomas that make up DELF and DALF are completely separated. Depending on his or her level, the candidate can directly enroll to take the exam of his or her choosing.


At each level, four separate skills are evaluated: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


The French Knowledge Test, TCF

The TCF, or Test de Connaissance du français, consists of three different tests:


Public TCF

This test is for those who wish to evaluate their French skills.

Composed of 3 compulsory tests (oral comprehension, language structure and reading comprehension mastery) and 2 additional tests (speaking and writing) this examination allows you to accurately determine your level according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) from A1 to C2.



The TCF for French Citizenship Acquisition

This test is for those who wish to acquire French citizenship through marriage or naturalization.

Composed of 2 compulsory tests (listening comprehension and speaking), you must reach a level of B1 or above to pass the test.



TCF Quebec

This test is for those who wish to permanently settle in Quebec and need to evaluate their French skills as part of the immigration process.

As of August 1, 2013, Quebec authorities require candidates to attain a minimum level of B2.



If you are also training for English certificate exams like the TOEIC and TOEFL, we have training courses for you too. Contact us for more information.


Our Exam Prep Training Course lasts one week, just before you take the exam. They generally consist of over 30 hours of training (6 hours per day, Monday through Friday)

The course book is provided for you.

Our programme: Mock exams, exam sections, tips and tricks explained for improved chances of success, speaking, listening comprehension, writing and reading comprehension exercises.


Each group is made up of 3 to 6 students to ensure real progress and guarantee you the opportunity to actively participate during your lessons.


Our teachers are always attentive to your needs. They have the experience and innovation it takes to get you on your way to achieving your goals!

NOTE: Exam entrance fees are not included in the fee for the training course.


*Provided that we have a minimum of 3 registered students


If you are interested in our French courses or Cross-cultural Programs, please contact us:



Before you register, please do the French Placement Test below and send it back to us. Thanks!