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French classes in Marseille : Evaluate your French skills!

Evaluate your French skills!

study french in Marseille France


Text Written by and for Marseille French School International

For each skill level, check the appropriate box.

When you’ve finished, count up all the boxes with "yes", "not always" and "no" for each level and use the key at the bottom of the page.



If you want to gauge your French skills more accurately: take our Free French Test ! You will find it at the bottom of this page.

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 text written by and for Marseille International School




I can Yes Not always Not yet
A1 ... introduce myself/describe myself.      
... present/describe/just talk about people I know (my family and friends).      
... describe a familiar activity.      
A2 ... say what I like or don’t like and why.      
... just express my feelings.      
... talk about my hobbies.      
... talk about my activities at university or work.      
... talk about what I usually do.      
B1 ... discuss a film, book, music and express my opinion.      
... ask spontaneous questions about a subject that is familiar to me without preparing in advance.      
... initiate a conversation.      
... actively participate, without preparing, in any discussion on a topic that is familiar to me.      
B2 ... talk alone and at length about a difficult and/or abstract subject.      
... after a presentation (alone and at length), answer a series of questions with ease and spontaneity.      
... express my ideas and opinions with precision and give explanations, defend them with arguments and
C1 ... argue and answer questions or counterarguments
without pausing too frequently for a lack of
... connect my remarks to those of my interlocutor, summing up what he/she said.      
C2 ... speak with skill and precision and use many idiomatic expressions.      
... participate effortlessly in any conversation between native speakers, regardless of the topic of
discussion or language used.
... articulately defend my position in a formal discussion of complex issues and argue like a native speaker.      


 text written by and for Marseille International School


How to interpret this scorecard?


For a given level:

  • If you have a majority of "yes" answers, you have acquired this level;
  • If you have a majority of "not always" answers, then you are at or around this level;
  • If you have a majority of "no" answers, then you are at the level below this one.



Please note, your responses are an indication of your overall French skills. They do not necessarily correspond to the evaluation of a proper examination.


For more information, visit http://www.ciep.fr/