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French classes in Marseille : EIMarseille Your go-to partner for recruitment and future collaborations

EIMarseille Your go-to partner for recruitment and future collaborations

Marseille French School for languages


Business leaders, university professors, researchers, physicians, lawyers, NGO and community leaders… : many of you wish to develop a powerful network with the world around you.

Multiculturalism, otherness and syncretism are all worthwhile exchanges in experience and culture; a sort of "small-scale universalism", where everyone stands to gain from each other’s differences and peculiarities.

This philosophy has flourished, and many of you are interested in accepting and training employees, interns and students from abroad, be it a long or short term venture.


Sometimes, the sole obstacle in developing such a partnership, one that often brings about both financial gains and intercultural fulfillment, is the infamous language barrier. Jumping head-first into the French world may be as daunting as a large ice-water bath for some potential expatriates, even when he or she has already taken several French classes.

For French "recruiters" too, confronting new cultures and experiences can also be an important consideration before committing to such an arrangement.





The International School of Marseille has set out to guide these anxious newcomers in mastering the French language and culture.

But in a similar fashion, it is also committed to facilitating their transition from the school to the companies and organisations of France. In a warm and studious atmosphere on La Canebière, in the heart of Marseille, this spacious and modern school employs qualified teachers who are experienced in teaching foreigners, and is guaranteed to pass onto its students a thorough education in French and European culture.


All of our courses are fine tuned according to the student’s profile and personal objectives, focusing more on economics here, ushering in the era of ​​new technologies there, the student can choose from culture, art, sociology, the humanities and tourism, among others. 

We value the classic art of the teacher-student relationship (whether it’s within an individual or group context, an intensive or gradual pace) while forging a unique way to learn a language through what we call "Cross Culture". Our Cross Culture sessions take the students around Marseille in a group outing that focuses on the artistic, architectural, historical, natural and economic aspects of Marseille and its surroundings.



By choosing the International School of Marseille in your search for employees and interns within your company, lab, office or classroom, you will gain an enormous advantage. Our program is sure to come through for you considering our adapted pricing options, flexibility, resilience, and dynamism.


Do not hesitate to call the International School of Marseille for any information regarding potential employees and interns.


+ The International School of Marseille also ensures candidate readiness for TOEIC and TCF tests, among others. Call EIMarseille at +33960411335