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French classes in Marseille : EIMarseille: Solution to learning French and understanding French culture

EIMarseille: Solution to learning French and understanding French culture

French language and culture Marseille

Why not Ecole internationale de Marseille or Marseille International French School?


You are a student from abroad coming to France and you love France and its way of life but it is challenging for you to speak French, at least to dare, and you feel distant from French people? It is also difficult for you to understand the French culture nevertheless the European culture and its history, geography, politics…


Here at Marseille International School, a specialized French school for foreigners who have an interest in French, that is exactly what is taught to students coming from all over the world. It is not only a French school where you will have French grammar, French reading and French writing, French listening and French speaking, French linguistic reinforcement, or even French exam preparation; you will also discover why French people decapitated their king, you will learn about the French revolution, you will be able to locate France and its borders on a map and even know where all the major French cities are within France.


At EIMarseille, you will know more about French and European culture because that’s what we do here. Through French language, we will take you on a journey in Marseille, on 32 la Canebière 13001 Marseille, France. A French journey.


All of our foreign students remember EIMarseille, because that is where they felt French, where they felt inspired to speak a better French, to go from level A1 to a great level B2, and where they will always remember a dedicated team of French teachers ready to help them in any way they could, but you know what? They took the time to help them in French, at Marseille International School, they took the time to repeat again and again, to change the vocabulary in which they address the students for them to grasp and to get a hold of that French conversation therefore making it a French dialogue.


More than a student you will be considered as a guest and you will act like one.


EIMarseille is well known for its sense of hospitality. But do not get any false idea here, you will enter a French program such as our Standart French Classes or our Intensive French Classes or Combined French Classes or Private French Classes or our extremely well renowned French University Prep Classes or our French Classes Au Pairs or even our Exam Prep Courses. And we will make you work hard, push you for the long run, encourage you when you get demotivated but overall for at EIMarseille.com we will be here for you.


Because that’s the French way of life and in sunny Marseille you will rapidly ascertain it!


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