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French classes in Marseille : EIM—An Excellent French Language Institute in Provence Region

EIM—An Excellent French Language Institute in Provence Region

Marseille French language school


EIM—An Excellent French Language Institute in Provence Region


France is famous for its numerous cultural and historical sites. But in the region of Provence, lying in the the south of France, there is much more to explore: the lavender and sunflower field, the vineyard, the beaches, castles over thousands of years, etc.


Ecole Internationale de Marseille (Marseille International French School) is located in the city center of Marseille Provence and has been dedicated to French teaching for over 10 years. Here, our school welcomes students from all over the world.


Advantages of EIM:


  • Perfect Location: Located on 32 la Canebiere, 13001 Marseille, EIM is in the centre of Marseille old quarters. From here, you can easily reach seaside, museums, castles, palaces and other tourist sites.
  • Professional Teachers: EIM professors all graduate from renowned French universities and are certified French teachers. You will surely be amazed by how well they perform in the class.
  • Language Immersion: At EIM, you will totally get immersed in the French language and French culture. You are greatly motivated to talk with the staff or peers in French.
  • International Atmosphere: Our students come from different countries, such as China, Japan, Korea, Italy, Spain, the US, the UK, etc. So you will have the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures and thinking patterns.
  • Test Center for TCF: We offer students French exam prep courses for TCF, DELF and DALF to help them pass the exams and get accepted by renowned universities or French companies.



EIM offers different French courses to students of different levels. And we can customize our programs to satisfy your special needs. Anyway, our goal is to help students improve their French level and thoroughly experience French culture.


Come and join us! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!