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French classes in Marseille : E-learning French class in Nice

E-learning French class in Nice

Distance French class in Nice Provence

Distance learning French as a foreign language classes for adult in Nice


Our school provides French as a foreign language for adults, all levels, what ever you nationality or where ever you live.


We also provide distance learning courses, from Nice, so you don’t have to move from your home or office.  In order to know your level and provide you a personalized class we would like you to take our French language test so we can assess your need and what we will have to work on.

Here is the link for our test: Assess your French level .


Your training advisor, thanks to his/her experience, will recommend you an amount of teaching hours in order to reach your objectives. A preliminary interview with your teacher will allow us to understand why you want to attend French courses:

Is it for:

-          Taking the French test TCF?

-          Speaking French fluently?

-          Learning commercial French?

-          Learning commercial French for professionals?


Once we have determined the training that you need, you will make an appointment with your French teacher. We will just need a phone or an internet connexion for a video class and a quiet environment. Your teacher will adapt the courses to your level, your objectives and your rhythm of learning. Exercises through different materials will help you to improve your writing and your oral expression at the same time. You will enrich your vocabulary, strengthen your knowledge and step by step fill the linguistic gap.

Grammar, conjugation, spelling and pronunciation will be worked on according to your needs and objectives.


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us as our team is here to help you in your linguistic project. We are looking forward to meeting you!