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French classes in Marseille : Distance learning French class in Nice - Provence

Distance learning French class in Nice - Provence

French courses distance learning in Nice

Speak a fluent French in Nice by taking distance-learning French classes


By taking distance learning French courses, you will improve your French on your own rhythm without interfering in your schedule.

Wherever you are, at the office, on a business trip or at home you will very easily enjoy your private French class with a great teacher !

However, this e-learning requires to have some basis in French, a good internet connexion for the class or a phone and of course a quiet environment, favorable for learning.


In order to assess your level of French, we will as you first to take our French test. You can already do it online : test your French level !


 This test allows us to assess your level of French of course but also shows us what we need to work on to improve your French: grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, pronunciation… This assessment allow your teacher to provide French as a foreign language classes consistent with your needs and objectives.


An interview with your teacher will help to set up your project and objectives. What are you needs? Speak French fluently for the daily life, to travel or just because you want to?

Or is it to find a job or to improve your French level to get a promotion at work or develop your own company?


What ever you objectives are, our French teachers will meet your expectations. They will offer you business French class. According to your situation, and if you want to learn French in the scope of business, we invite you to check our partner WAM CORPORATE. They may help you to finance all or part of training in French.


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us as our team is here to help you in your linguistic project. We are looking forward to meeting you!