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French classes in Marseille : Best School to learn French in Marseille France

Best School to learn French in Marseille France

Marseille French language school

Best School to learn French in Marseille France


Who are we?


Marseille International French School (École Internationale de Marseille) is located in the city centre of Marseille, the capital city of Provence Region in the south of France. Our French Language Center in Marseille Provence has been dedicated to teaching French as a foreign language for over 10 years and have helped thousands of international students improve their French level. Besides, a tremendous number of students have been admitted to renowned French universities or Business Schools after studying French or attending the University Prep. courses at EIMarseille.  A lot of our students like to tell us that Marseille International French School is one of the Best Schools to learn French in Marseille France. We are very satisfied that they say so and their high expectations always drive us to work harder to provide students with better teaching services. 


Marseille French Language School is dynamic, passionate and caring. She would like to establish a cordial and direct relation with the French learners in Marseille, the capital city of Provence. The city was founded by the ancient Greeks over 2600 years ago and has had a checkered history. Now, Marseille has become an emerging tourist destination which boasts its exceptional cultural heritages and landscape. 



Why learn French at EIMarseille?



  • Experienced bilingual teachers: Qualified teachers play the most important role in language training schools and EIMarseille has employed experienced and certified professors to deliver French classes or lectures.
  • Short learning period: Thanks to the intensive French classes and efficient teaching methods, students can improve their French level in a short period of time, from A1 or A2 to B1 or B2. 
  • Latest exam questions and explanations: For students who are preparing for French language examinations like TCF, DALF or DELF in order to enter French universities or Business Schools, we can offer them the latest exam questions and detailed insight into the exams. 
  • Customized textbooks: Our teachers will devise different textbooks and exercises for students of different nationalities or different levels. These customized French materials make the classes more effective and greatly boost the efficiency of learning French. 
  • Guaranteed success: You will be 100% satisfied with our teaching and services at EIM. This can be proven by the testimonials written by our students.  



If you are interested in our French language courses or cross culture programs, feel free to contact us: contact@eimarseille.com


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