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Welcome to Marseille International School !

Ecole Internationale de Marseille (EIM)

Marseille International French School


EIM is located in the center of Marseille, the second largest city in France and the capital city of the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. EIM is a higher education institute registered with France National Ministry of Education and is the test center for TCF exam in Marseille. Our professional team is composed of certified professors who have graduated from renowned universities and have many years’ experience in teaching French as a foreign language. We also provide students with a comfortable learning environment and spacious classrooms to study.


EIM has established close partnerships with local universities and companies, and often invites their founders or managers to our school to deliver a keynote speech and some of them are even part-time lecturers at EIM. We are dedicated to improving international students’ French language skills and getting them admitted by renowned French universities or Business Schools. In the long run, we hope that studying at EIM can lay a solid foundation for the development of their career in the future.


Our French Language Center in Marseille provides students with different tailor-made courses to meet their different needs: Intensive French Class, Cross-cultural Programs, University Prep. Class, French Exam Prep. Class, etc. 


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Our students talking to you

"I had a great time here at Marseille International French School, and I was lucky enough to have a great, down to earth teacher.

I am able to speak much better French. A big thank you to everyone at EIM."

Sara B.

"My French teacher was great! I would recommend her to anyone!

I was really glad we were able to cover so much material like all the verbs in the present, past, imparfait and so on.

I learned a lot, and now I just want to learn more! Learn French in Marseille is a great experience."

Lisa A.

"The classroom of this French school in Marseille's environment was perfect. We all participated in so many activities together, including the professor, which made for such a great way to learn. I study French with new performant methodes!"

Thiêu Hoa N.

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    EIM sera fermée du samedi 23 décembre au lundi 8 janvier 2018! EIM will be closed from December 23rd to January 8th ! Bonnes fêtes!

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